Introduce New Employees

Nickname :令菜(Reina)
Nationality :Myanmar
Hobby :Cooking
Skills :leadership,teamwork
Favourite Kanji: "強い"(tsuyoi)
The meaning of "強い" is Strong.When I see that word,I feel full of power.So,I always keep that word and try the best.

Nickname :花恋(Karen)
Nationality :Myanmar
Hobby :Travelling, Reading, Listenning Music
Skills :Dance, Singing
Favorite kanji:"明るい"(akarui)
Because whenever I see this word, I feel to try the best, and I would like to do skillfully and brightly whatever.

Nickname :彩瑛(Sae)
Nationality :Myanmar
Hobby :Music,Reading
Skill :Drawing
Favorite Kanji:"愛"(ai)
I think love is the most important part of human relations. It's something that must be with our family and our colleagues and friends. Because there is no way we can create a good society if we treat the other party with an unpleasant feeling.

Nickname :亜美(Ami)
Nationality :Myanmar
Hobby :Travelling,sports,Volunteer Work
Skill :Communication,Self-management,Focus And Self Control
Favorite Kanji:"海"(umi )
I am a deep, kind, hard and sometimes tough woman like the sea.
If you're tired of relationships, studying at work, you should go to the sea for healing your mind. So, this is the reason of why I like the sea.

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