Job hunting Q&A


What are the differences of cultures between Japan and Myanmar?

There are many different things between Japan and Myanmar, but one of them is the ethnic groups。 There are more than 310 ethnic groups in Myanmar but Japan has no ethnic group. And, everyone in Japan is following the rules. Divide the waste and throw it away, and when you get on the escalator, you are lined up on the left side and stay quietly on the train. Every day we can see Japanese people who are going to work quickly.

How is the life of living alone in Japan?

To live in Japan, I think the most important thing is Japanese language. We have to speak Japanese even when shopping or communicating with other people. I was a little worried because I just go to Japan as a foreigner, I have no family, no friends, and must manage myself. However, Japan always take cares the safety of people, so I could only suffer from having difficulty hearing the quick pronunciation of Japanese. As the station is always broadcast, we can confirm where we want to go so that there is no mistake. If you can speak Japanese properly, I think that there is no fear to live in Japan at all. It is because technology is high and it is safe wherever you go.

Why did you want to work in Japan?

I greatuated from Computer University with the major of Business Information Systems. Todayage, IT becomes popular in social life. And Japan is a developed country and IT of Japan is also developing day by day. To learn more detailed about IT, the chance is less in Myanmar because Myanmar is a daveloping country. And then, the basic salary in Japan is more than in Myanmar. I have a dream that I want to work using the major I have learned, and I want to support back my family, especially my parents. That is the reason why I want to work in Japan.

How do Arch-members treat on you?

When interviewing me firstly, the members of Arch treated me kindly. After I had gotten a job from Arch, I had learned Japanese Language about 10 months in Myanmar. During this period, I did Skype Communication with System Manager of Arch once in every month. In every that time, he also treated me very kindly. And when I started working in the company, all the members of Arch treated kindly and warmly. And they explained about the things that unfamiliar and unknown for me clearly and paintently.

How did you feel when you start working in Arch?

Before I went to work, I was scared to hear about the severity of Japanese companies at school. For the first time, I work as a member of society, so I always thought that Arch is what kind of company. But from the day I arrived in Japan, I knew that it was different from what I thought. Arch's members were kind enough to tell you immediately if something was not clear. Not only about work but also about life in detail. So it's fun to work in Arch, even if you work as an employee for the first time.

How did you make an effort to get a job offer from Arch?

I wanted to work in Japan, so I thought about how to prepare for job interview in Arch. After that, I searched on the internet about interview questions and also prepared in Japanese language.Even if I prepared a lot,I was very excited. At that time, I remembered a word from my teacher and worked hard.It means "you can do anything if you have confidence in yourself". I kept that word in my mind,and then I received interview with confidence.Therefore,I think that I got a job offer from Arch. To get a job offer from Arch, Japanese is important, but the most important thing is having confidence.
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